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IV Hydration and Infusion Therapy

IV Hydration and Infusion therapy is a service that can hydrate you, boost your energy, and improve your wellbeing quickly.  During the therapy, you receive vitamin and nutrient-rich intravenous fluids direction only your veins through and IV drip.  IV Hydration and infusion therapy isn't the same as taking vitamins by mouth or getting them through the foods you eat.  While you can get most off the nutrients you need through your diet, taking vitamins supplements by month doesn't allow you to absorb all the vitamins you need when you need them the most.  As they pass through your digestive system your body absorbs them slowly.  You also don't absorb all of them, as many get lost along the way.  

With IV Hydration and Infusion therapy, the nutrients go directly into your bloodstream for nearly immediate effects.  You can also absorb nearly 100% of nutrients, and none are lost along your digestive tract.


IV hydration and infusion therapy is a great way to treat deficiencies, improve symptoms, or simply improve your body's functioning.  Using IV hydration and infusion therapy at Advanced Health Solutions LLC, you can:

  • Ease a hangover

  • Relieve headaches

  • Treat dehydration

  • Improve your stamina

  • Lose weight faster

  • Recover after a hard workout

  • Boost your energy

  • Nourish your heart and skin

  • And much more 

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