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After Hours Care

If you have a medical emergency that cannot wait until our normal hours, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room. 

If you have an urgent issue that requires attention before the next business day, please call our office at 303-536-5020 and you will be directed on how to page Mark Baravik. He will likely return your call within 20 minutes but if he does not, please call again. In situations in which Mark does not return your page, you may consider one of the following options:

For questions regarding your infant or child, we direct you to the First Call Line at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. These nurses are pediatric nurses with extensive training who will help answer your concerns. The number is 303-563-3300. 

Adult medical questions can be directed to nurse lines associated with your insurance.
Ask-A-Nurse 24 hour lines for adult medical questions:
(Just click on the link of the name of the insurance company to be linked to their webpage)
1. Aetna
2. Anthem Blue Cross 
3. Cigna
4. Denver Health (you can also call this number if you do not have any insurance)
5. Kaiser
6. Medicaid
7. United Health

Additionally, our office has partnered with DispatchHealth. They provide excellent on-demand care in the comfort of your home from 8am-10pm, every day, including weekends. Please call them directly at 303-500-1518 or visit their website here. If you do not use insurance, they charge a flat fee of $275 for house calls which includes all tests and treatments they perform at the visit. They also bill most insurances if you choose to go that route. 


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