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Doctor's Appointment


Family medicine is a broad medical specialty that includes age-specific care for patients of all ages.  Family medicine practitioners can provide care to every member of a family, from infants to grandparents. 

Finding a family medicine practitioner for your entire family can save you the time and stress of finding providers for each individual according to their age group.  By using Mark Baravik for all members of your family, you can receive care that is catered to your family's unique lifestyle, beliefs, and preferences. 



Get medical attention while you are healthy to avoid getting illnesses or injuries.  We offer physical exams that can help you proactively identify the areas of your health that need improvement.  


Comprehensive care encompasses treatments and services for mild or moderate illnesses and injuries.  We can diagnose and treat the common cold, the flu, allergies, asthma, minor lacerations and fractures, and more.


Chronic diseases are conditions that last for years and affect your well-being, including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.  While most can't be cured, We can help you manage your symptoms and improve the quality of your life. 

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